Welcome to the Clayton Heights Community website. This website was created to connect our community and have a space to share the positive experiences and things happening in Clayton Heights. Thank you to the United Way Love Fund for making this website possible.

This website features all local STORIES, EVENTS, PHOTOS, and LITTLE LIBRARIES, local to Clayton Heights only and is supplied by real-life residents of the Clayton Heights Community.

Clayton Heights Local Love Fund

An act of local love can take many forms. It might be as simple as saying hello to someone on the street, or as exciting as building a new community garden.

United Way is actively working with the Clayton community to mobilize residents to address local issues. As the Clayton community grows, we want to empower residents with opportunities to make a difference in their community in ways that matter most to them.

Do you have a simple project or idea to support your community? United Way’s new Clayton Local Love Fund is making $12,000 available to support projects, up to a value of $1,000 each, for residents of Clayton Heights.

november, 2021

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Clayton Heights Photo of the month

There are so many beautiful, fun, silly, and extraordinary things in the Clayton Heights community, in real life. We want to see them! Share your capture of Clayton Heights with us and it might get to be the photo of the month. Send us your IRL photo today!

July 2019: The First!

Two Children viewing the pond behind Clayton Heights Secondary.
Submitted by Christina Holland.

Clayton Heights Community Photo of the Month
Clayton Heights Little Libraries

The Little libraries have launched a new chapter for Clayton Heights, writing a new story for the community. Currently, there are 15 little libraries around the neighbourhood with more popping up throughout the year.

Anyone interested in becoming a little library steward is invited to submit their interest by selecting the button below, and filling out the following form.


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